May 8, 2011

Battlefield Heroes (2011) DVDRip | 390 MB

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Release: 27 January 2011 (South Korea)
Genre  : Action | Comedy | Drama
Cast   : Jeong Jin-yeong, Lee Moon-sik, Ryoo Seung-yong,
         Yoon Je-moon, Seon Woo-seon, Kim Min-sang
Runtime: 119 Mins | Resolution: 720 x 304
Plot   : 
This story unfolds 8 years after ‘Battle of Hwangsanbeol’,
which destroyed Baekjae, when Silla-Tang Dynasty union 
attacks Goguryeo. This is the follow-up of director 
Lee Joon-ik’s ‘Hwangsanbul’, which drew 3 million audiences
by his own humorous movie making style.

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