May 18, 2011

thoda pyaar thoda magic

Banner : Yash Raj Films
Release Date : June 27, 2008
Language : Hindi
Genre : Fantasy
Producer : Aditya Chopra, Kunal Kohli
Director : Kunal Kohli

Star Cast :
Saif Ali Khan...... Ranbeer Talwar
Rani Mukherjee...... Geeta
Rishi Kapoor
Baby Shriya Sharma...... Introducing
Sharat Saxena
Razzak Khan
Mahesh Thakur
Amisha Patel...... Special Apperance
Ayushi Burman...... Introducing
Rachit Sidana...... Introducing

Akshat Chopra...... Introducing
Taranna Raja Kapoor



Movie's Quality & duration is not confirmed, please download at your own risk or wait for better print.


How to play this movie?

1. Download all files from, check step by step details at
2. Save all files e.g., 001, 002, 008 etc in one folder then join files using HJSplit . Download HJSplit from
3. You will see a file called (size approx 700MB) in the same folder where you saved the file after joining, rename it to MBPA.avi
4. At last play that AVI file using VLC Player. VLC Player:

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