Dec 8, 2011

History of Physical Therapy

History of Physical Therapy History of Physical Therapy
History of Physical Therapy
In previous health articles, we have wrote about what is physical therapy, hopefully you have been able to understand clearly the usefulness of physical therapy for your health. Maybe some of you want to know when physical therapy has been used by humans as a means of treatment. To satisfy your curiosity, we will share information about history of physical therapy in this health article.

History of Physical Therapy Timeline

History of physical therapy timeline was started in 2500 century BC in China in the form of acupuncture and manual therapy techniques. The use of physical therapy also been recorded in “Ayurveda” which is one of the oldest medical system and is still practiced and recognized by India as part of their state health system. In western medicine, history of physical therapy timeline was recorded in the year 460 BC, Hippocrates already described massage and hydrotherapy as an alternative to cure various diseases.
In the modern era, physical therapy began developed in 1896 in London which was originally aimed at improving the mobility of patients who are hospitalized in the hospital to maintain muscle strength and function. Rapidly developing science of physical therapy later and started a standardization of services and physiotherapy professions which are mainly based on modern medical science.
In 1920 started to be formed associations physiotherapists in the UK which is then followed by many other nations. Development of science and physical therapy services are also influenced by World War I and II, at which time the post-war and there is an increased needs for care and rehabilitation of victims of war.
Information about history of physical therapy timeline as above is an outline of history of physical therapy. Hopefully in our future health articles, we can present a history of physical therapy timeline in more detail.

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