Dec 8, 2011

Could Playing Video Games Increase Women Libido Naturally?

Video Games Women Could Playing Video Games Increase Women Libido Naturally?Women Gamers—while they may be teased and taunted for preferring to stay in on a Saturday night and play the latest edition of Modern Warfare as opposed to prowling for men at the club, it seems as though they may actually be getting the last laugh. Why? They’re having more sex than you, according to a new study.
More than 2,000 women were surveyed by Harris Interactive for game developer Game House in order to delve deeper in the habits of gamers. Their findings were quite surprising: women gamers have a higher libido than non-gamers. Video Games Girls 300x244 Could Playing Video Games Increase Women Libido Naturally?While the margin isn’t huge— most have sex just 5% more than their non-gamer women counterparts— it still brings forth the question: how do videogame fanatics find more time for sex if they’re playing videogames all day long? And no it’s not because they’re constantly surrounded by male gamers.
The study, which was conducted in October, argues that in actuality gamer women are not playing video games all day. In fact, the whole stereotypical image of a gamer being a couch potatoes is false. Gamer women mostly play to relieve boredom and stress when not outside exercising or socializing— something that surprisingly most non-gamer women do not do, according to the study’s findings.  How so? The study states that gamer women are less dependent on social media to stay in contact with people and thus get out more, which one can assume gives them the opportunity to meet new people (like new sexual partners). They also watch less TV than their non-gamer women—perhaps because they use this time to get busy. As a bonus, they also feel smarter after playing. But the great contributor to more sexual activity is the fact that most of the surveyed gamer women were involved in a “happy” serious relationship, which prompted them to be happier in the bedroom.
Women Gamers 300x210 Could Playing Video Games Increase Women Libido Naturally?If however you think these findings were conclusive solely through surveying the younger generation, think again. Most of the highly sexualized gamer women were older and mature—64% of the women fell within the 34 plus age demographic. The majority also were mothers that resided in the south.
So have at it gamer women, do these stats sound right?  And if you’re a non-gamer, will you give video games a chance to see if it just may increase your libido naturally?

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